BeHappy2Day Review

Overview of BeHappy2Day


BeHappy2Day is an international dating site created to unite single men from around the globe with available ladies from Russia, Ukraine, Latin America and Asia. Founded in 2004, the organisation has been responsible for bringing together thousands of couples looking for long term relationships and facilitated over100 weddingsannually. The site currently boasts more than 900,000 members from around the world.


The sole purpose of BeHappy2Day is to bring potential couples together. To do this, the company offers a range of services:

Live chat is BeHappy2Day's most popular service because it allows members to dip a toe in the water and make introductions without the anxiety of a full conversation. It's a great way to get to know a new potential partner in a relaxed and informal way while deciding if you want to take things further. And with the organisation's translation services, language is never a barrier.

Depending on personal preferences, BeHappy2Day offers three next step services. For those gentlemen who hold more traditional values, the correspondence service allows members to get to know each other more slowly, exchanging letters or emails as they build their relationship.

BeHappy2Day's call service allows clients to verbally chat, either one to one, or with the help of an interpreter. Calls are booked in advance to avoid the disappointment of missed opportunities. This also allows all parties to prepare.

With the platform's video services, members can book an appointment to video chat with their chosen lady. Again, this can be managed with or without an interpreter, depending on the lady's language skills - many of the ladies who work with already have a strong grasp of the English language, which helps makes communication feel more natural.

Finally, BeHappy2Day can also facilitate the sending of gifts between platform members. Whether it's flowers and chocolates or something more personal, the giving of gifts is one of the loveliest things about dating. But when you're working across borders, it's not always easy to find the right retailers or manage card transactions. removes those hurdles with an easy to use gift delivery service.


The team at BeHappy2Day has made its registration process as simple as possible for international male members. BeHappy2Day is free to join. And all interested parties need to do is enter their name, email address, location and who they are looking for. If it's easier for you, you can even sign up with your Google or Apple account.

For potential female members, a more advanced vetting process is applied. This is to make sure that the lady is genuinely looking for a long-term relationship with a gentleman from overseas. To ensure that all information provided is accurate and detailed. And to protect all BeHappy2Daymembers.

Profile Depth

Once you've registered with BeHappy 2Day you are free to browse all of the profiles available on the site and arrange live chats and other forms of communication. However, to get the very best from the site, it's a really good idea to create a detailed profile. That way, the site's advanced algorithms can work to find your perfect match.

As well as being able to upload photographs, you can share as much - or as little - about yourself as you wish and think necessary to meet the partner of your dreams. Hobbies and interests are a good place to start, but the more information you add, the better your chances of finding Mrs Right.


For BeHappy2Day members who prefer to follow their own path, rather then rely on the platform's matching algorithms, the site offers a detailed search option. This allows members to search for their own matches based on their own particular criteria, such as age, height, weight, hair color, and education.


BeHappy2Day has invested in its matching algorithm to deliver the best possible matches, while still allowing for the possibility that Mrs Right might not always be Miss Perfect, and the other way round! So, although matching is accurate, it does leave that little bit of wriggle room for surprises to find their way through.

Customer Services

If there is one thing that BeHappy2Day prides itself on, it is exceptional customer service. The ethos of the platform is to make everyone feel welcome and secure. So, in the unlikely event of any difficulty or problem, the BeHappy2Day team is there to help at the touch of a button.

No dating site is perfect. If you use, we can't guarantee that you'll find your happily ever after. But it's fun to use, easy to use, and free to start. So, if you're looking for overseas romance, it's a good place to find your feet.